How does Keys to Ubuntu benefit our communities? 

When you become a Keys to Ubuntu member, you are helping to:


  • Create more awareness of businesses in every major city in the U.S.

  • Promote and draw more clientele and revenue to these unique businesses

  • Create stronger community relations

  • Keep our dollars constantly flowing within and throughout our communities

  • Create more collaborations with other businesses and individuals

  • Prevent gentrification

  • Create more networking for businesses to connect and grow as a brand and community figure

  • Promote awareness of possible opportunities for freelancers and job seekers

  • Build stronger community leaders

  • Promote smarter spending and budgeting and a general consciousness of financing


With every member that signs up to be apart of Keys to Ubuntu, a percentage of the profits will go to local, grassroot organizations, businesses, and events that uplift and educate our communities.

Program ventures/sponsorships include and not limited to:

  • Art, fitness, and educational programs for the youth

  • Workshops to help artists and businesses grow their brand

  • Networking events with other businesses owners, lawyers, tax professionals, public relation specialists, social media influencers, brand ambassadors, community members, and etc.

  • Charity events for the homeless and less fortunate

  • Events for the elders in our communities

  • K.T.U. is also open to any fundraising ventures to help bring revenue and awareness to existing school sports and/or extracurricular groups