How does the Key to Ubuntu Membership  work?

  • When you subscribe to become a member via the online store, you will receive an email with instructions on how to active and use your membership. Members must have access to a mobile phone with internet access. The membership will be valid for one year with the option to renew annually. From there, you now have unlimited access to all of the discounts offered at the participating businesses and services listed on the Keys to Ubuntu website/app!

  • After registering within the Keys to Ubuntu app, you now have access to the many businesses and services that are apart of the Keys to Ubuntu family. When you go to one of the businesses, you must log into your Keys to Ubuntu app and show the employee your active membership (instructions will be sent you upon signing up).

  •  Please make sure that you tell your server or staff member, before ordering, that you are a Keys to Ubuntu member and to confirm what discounts are provided at their business. Please do note that it is one (1) Keys to Ubuntu discount per table or one (1) discount per customer (if it is a single purchase) and the K.T.U. discount cannot be combined with any other discounts. 

  • For KTU members who would like to utilize their discount at participating businesses online, there will be a unique promo code sent to you so that you may use your keychain with businesses that are exclusively online. 


Now you are officially a KEY to building and strengthening the community around you, as a collective as well as yourself, which in turn helps unify and protect us all so that we can reach the highest form of ourselves.

Join the Keys to ubuntu family for as low as $20 for a year of unlimited savings!